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Tasting Menus

There are plenty of good excuses to gather people around and share a delicious experience around food. And the quality of the ingredients and delicacies make all the difference. This is why we search for special ingredients from the market, local farmers, or even freshly picked from my own garden. Have a look at the various Tasting Menus we have available for you. 


Simple Menu

starter, fish or meat main dish, dessert 

It is hard to go wrong with this menu. Keeping it light will make everyone happy and satisfied. 

>> serves 4 to 15 people <<

>> 45€ per person <<


Balanced Menu

starter, fish dish, meat dish, dessert 

A more complete experience, perfect for people who are curious about food.

>> serves 4 to 15 people <<

>> 60€ per person <<


Top Menu

Amuse-bouche, starter, fish dish, meat dish, dessert, petit-four

The combination of these five dishes will be hard to forget. This menu is for the true gastronomers. 

>> serves 4 to 15 people <<

>> 70€ per person <<



for two

Simple Menu + sparkling wine 

or Balanced Menu + sparkling wine

or Top Menu + sparkling wine 

A romantic evening, a special anniversary, or simply trying to earn some brownie points, this menu is made to impress with its fine ingredients and techniques. 

>> serves 2 people <<

>> 140€/160€/190€ per couple << 

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